Relax, Relieve, Rejuvenate.

Level up your self care game in mere minutes, with the iTeraCare Hair + Skin + Body Rejuvenation Device



Invigorate Cellular Energy Production and Circulation


Ease Tension, While Reducing Discomfort and Inflammation


Support Detoxification and the Self-Healing Process


…More Deeply? …More Often? You’re Not Alone!

The iTeraCare Terahertz Technology Makes…

Self Care Made Easy

Many find relief from discomfort, noticeably softer hair and skin, and other benefits quickly, but results get better with repeated use!

While iTeraCare is not a medical device, you will see many powerful stories like in the video above, because using it for even just a few minutes each day supports your body’s natural ability to….

  • Activate and Accelerate Self-Healing Factors
  • Improve Circulation / Micro-circulation
  • Reduce Inflammation & Discomfort
  • Detoxify Metabolic and Environmental Waste
  • Increase Energy Production at the Cellular Level
  • Enhance and Balance Immune Response
  • Reach a deep more restorative sleep

Aim it Anywhere -Or All Over- For Fast Relief + Restorative Self Care!

Like sunlight can invigorate your body through clothes, the pure THz Far-Infrared light generated by the iTeraCare wand feels great both on your skin or through your clothes. Just turn on, aim and immediately feel a gentle soothing vibration deep in your skin and muscles, invigorating the cells of your body, getting them moving and blood flowing so you can feel your absolute best without negative side-effects.

To Enjoy The Benefits All You Need To Do Is 1-2-3…

Fast & Easy

Turn on and aim for an immediate wave of relief! Go 4-40 min+ for enhanced rejuvenation and deep stimulation

Feels Great

Feels great all over with multiple heat and air flow settings to relax and revitalize where you need it most

Use Anywhere

Take it and use it *anywhere you want to stimulate circulation, detoxification, and beautification

Relief at Any Age

Safe and effective for all ages who want to relax, get enjoy that feel good glow, and move and operate at their best

Top 4 Ways People Use iTeraCare Daily

Invigorating Dual-Purpose Body and Hair Dryer

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your hair and body dry off, and how soft they’ll feel with repeated daily use!

Relieve Aches, Discomforts and Inflammation

From headaches to aching joints, muscles, sprains or even bug bites, iTeraCare is a household go-to for relief

Beautification of the Face, Neck, Hands, Feet, + More

Use the cool setting regularly to cleanse pores, improve microcirculation and give skin that radiant youthful glow

Fitness and Sports Performance, Recuperation

Your new go-to body care tool to warm up or soothe after a workout or recuperate after a competition or performance

How Does the iTeraCare Work?


Known as the “Frequency of Life,” Infrared Light cannot be seen but is certainly felt! Infrared saunas don’t have to heat the room as much because they warm the body from the inside out. Now you have that power in the palm of your hand to take and use anywhere you want to stimulate a relaxing, invigorating, rejuvenating flow


The soothing blue dot that shows you exactly where the infrared is going does more that guide you! The 7mw LED bulb generates 405 nanometer sized wavelength Blue-Violet light that is harmful to pathogens and bacteria, but not human cells, like full-spectrum UV sanitizing lights can be


Gently massage your whole body -on the cellular level- while keeping it cool on the skin! When you’re ready, turn up the heat to feel it penetrate deep and stimulate even more circulation, micro-circulation, and detoxification

How is it so Powerful and Effective for Self Care?

Powerful Heating Element

The electrical current is passed through a coiled Nichrome element, creating radiant heat and infrared light waves

Optical Grade Quartz Tube

Forged in over 2000 Degree heat to remove impurities, as the infrared waves pass through the optical grade quartz tube, excited electrons begin to vibrate, flooding the body -and the water you condition with the unit- with life-giving negative ions

Far Infrared TeraHertz (THz)

Significantly void of impurities, the optical quartz tubes amplifies the vibration of the THz frequency band of the infrared spectrum

Convection Current

As Terahertz frequencies are generated, convection currents force the radiant air from the fused, quartz tube, to soothe and invigorate your cells, wherever you aim it

Targeted Transdermal Delivery

The 405Nm Blue-Violet light simultaneously cleanses the surface of your skin while showing you exactly where you are delivering the THz frequencies through the skin


Finally… an Affordable, Portable, Beauty and Daily Self Care Tool You and The Whole Family Will Love!


All healing is self-healing! Get your cells moving, lymphatic flowing, immune system activated, and body humming while taking care of business or giving your busy head a rest!


Pets LOVE basking in the sun! Its rays are known to resonate, invigorate, and stimulate that feel good glow in all living beings. Yes… even our fur babies! The iTeraCare THz (Far Infrared) Waves give us the best of the sun without the damaging UV or other ionizing rays


iTeraCare is a safe and effective way for anyone -at any age- to get that “Feel Good Glow”! Plus, it’s easy enough that anyone can use it themselves, but fun and feels great to have someone do it for you, too! (ask your local massage therapist or bodyworker if they have one yet, or bring yours along to your next appointment)


The very specific frequency range of light iTeraCare produces gently vibrates and resonates water… whether the water in your cells or the water in your glass! Using the iTeraCare to condition your water is a fast and easy to way better hydrate, detoxify, reduce inflammation, fatigue, and energize your cells from the inside out!

We’ve assembled the most powerful and yet affordable self-care tools in existence so that everyone can have these wonderful tools in their home. These are safe and effective for everyone. We’re talking about changes in health, ranges of motion, youthful energy, and a happier lifestyle. Tools you can wake up and use every morning when you start your day and in the evening when you need to relax and rejuvenate ”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Call us for more details, but here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Wellness or Health Professional?

Let Us Help You Run Your Own Challenge With Your Clients!

We may be a bit biased, but we believe the iTeraCare to be the ULTIMATE ADJUNCT to improve the quality of care and outcomes your clients enjoy. If you are in the business of helping people feel their absolute best, we would love the opportunity to show you how other professionals like you are leveraging our consumer-friendly technology, as well as share more information about our professional grade device.


Massage therapists, chiropractors, rolfers, Feldenkrais, Alexander Method, Reiki, craniosacral, fascia release, you name it… if you work with the body to improve movement and function, we can show you how this will become your new favorite tool to use on and share with clients


Full-service salons, spas, med-spas, niche boutiques, iTeraCare is an easy a way to set yourself apart and give your clients a relaxing experience so they can leave with that ‘feel good glow’ from well nourished and vibrant skin, face, neck, feet, hands, hair, everywhere


Your clients come to you for accountability, training, and support to accomplish their goals. We’ll make your job a lot more rewarding and easier thanks this amazing warm-up and recovery tools your clients will love using at the studio and at home to help them keep going, consistently


Reduce inflammation, increase micro-circulation, and encourage healing in the exact areas you want to, to accelerate client comfort and outcomes. Increase at-home exercises rates, as well, by incorporating an affordable, feel good, and easy to device into your client protocols.


Your clients come to you to know what to eat, but you know that getting them well hydrated is critical for their body to absorb and utilize whatever they eat! Improve your client’s hydration, cellular respiration, detoxification and more, so they can make the most of -and better follow- your advice


Calming the nervous system is critical for open, honest, and productive conversations. This is true for client conversations as well as the conversations they are having with others and within themselves! Give them a tool to trigger relaxation responses and increase wellness at the same time

Let us Show You How Easy and Rewarding iTeraCare can be for Your Clients!


As human performance professionals, ourselves, we understand the unique challenges facing professionals who love their craft and want to see their clients thrive, as well as their practice. We know there are a ridiculous amount of options you CAN provide your clients to improve their experience and outcomes. But it can be hard separating fact from fiction, even for experts. It’s even harder finding a tool that is affordable, easy explain, easy to use, and feels good enough that your clients will WANT to use it, in conjunction with -and to enhance- your care.


  • The simple, consumer-friendly science behind the device
  • How to improve client experiences, in-office or remotely
  • How to improve compliance rates and improve outcomes
  • How to improve client LTV and boost positive reviews
  • Do all of the above quickly and easily, keeping it simple for you, staff, and clients
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